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What it Takes to be Truly Responsive?

Jun 17, 2015
What it Takes to be Truly Responsive? Responsive websites that cascade into various layouts as and when users resize their browsers are “in” at the moment. But what does it take to be truly responsive? Responsive web design is aimed at providing users with an optimal viewing experience. It should be easy to navigate and read with minimum scrolling, panning or resizing, across various devices. Even though 2013 was called the Year of Responsive Web Design, many professional websites still lack in the responsive part. They may look great on a laptop or desktop computer, but their landing pages aren’t...

Personalised Social Media Marketing Is What You Need for Success

Jun 12, 2015
Personalised Social Media Marketing Is What You Need for Success How many times have you received emails from people to participate in some LinkedIn survey or to test services and apps in Twitter? May be more than you can keep a track of and most of the time, we don’t think twice before clicking the ‘Delete’ button. Personalisation is everything in the social sphere; bulk emails and auto tweets cannot hit human emotions, and are a waste of your time and efforts. In fact, it’s time to eschew conventional-marketing wisdom and methods. Old methods cannot yield results anymore. The marketing...

Are You Using Google Plus in your Marketing Mix?

Jun 09, 2015
Are You Using Google Plus in your Marketing Mix? Google’s social media offspring is rightly enjoying the digital marketing community’s precious little love. Besides, being on Google Plus is a no brainer for small business and if you are ignoring it, be ready to suffer the consequences. If you haven’t got it yet, Google loves its own products.And with Google enjoying 67.6 percent of the U.S. market share, being on its social media platform ensures that your business will enjoy better visibility. As a small example, Google displays posts from your friends and contacts on Google Plus in its results...

Website of the Week

Mar 20, 2015
Our website of the week is Bond Hair Religion. this is a beautiful mobile friendly website which allows the crew at Bond Hair Religion to keep their customer base informed, and attract new clients to their award winning salon. Also a big congratulations to Jenni and her team on cleaning up at the recent Australian Hair Industry Awards, taking out 2015 Australian Salon Business of the Year and 2015 Best State Salon Business of the Year NSW/ACT.

Why not use Facebook?

Mar 10, 2015
Why not use Facebook instead of a website? Facebook is a great place to connect with people, share ideas, and promote your brand and business, but there are some very good reasons why you need to have a website as the centre of your online presence. A sound digital strategy places your website firmly as the centre of your online marketing activities, and best practice is to have your website as the part of the process that takes all the traffic generated by your other online and digital activities, and converts them into sound enquiries and/or customers. Here's our top 5...

Get Your Emails In Order

Feb 26, 2015
Get Your Emails In Order Your emails are an instant, and lasting method to communicate with your customers, suppliers, stakeholders and staff members.  They are mission critical to virtually every business now, and yet we see many, many people using this service in a way that is really not making the most of it. Here are several easy steps to take to get your emails in order: 1. Get an email address @yourdomain You wouldn't run your business using a public phone booth's phone number...right?  So why do so many businesses use free email accounts, that are simply promoting someone...

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