Domain Name Delegation

When you purchase a domain name, chances are it gets pointed to a "parked" record, provided by your domain registrar.

In order to make your new website/email services live, you will need to delegate (or ask us to do it for you) your domain to our servers.

As we use a distributed DNS architecture, the name servers will be different for every single domain we host, please contact us for the correct name servers for you.

Important note for Angry Frog! website customers - we include the annual registration of one of your domains for free as part of your monthly access fee, so instead of delegating your domain, you should instead transfer your domain to us.

Please contact support for more assistance with this.

Last Updated: Tue Apr 14 11:37:47 2015

App Friendly

Angry Frog! Content Management allows you to manage the content in your smartphone app from the same place you manage the content in your website.

Developer Friendly

Web designer productivity is a key focus for Angry Frog!, with our own large team of web designers/developers using the system daily as well as you.

Marketer Friendly

Login, blog, import your list, start mailing, it really is that easy. Create emails in seconds, measure results, make money.