Email Server Details

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We strongly advise all clients to move to a solution such as Google's Gsuite or Microsoft Office 365 email services.  If you do wish to continue to use our mail service, please note the following:

Use the following settings to set up your pop/imap and smtp access for your Angry Frog! email accounts.

We currently support the following mail software officially, if you chose to use a different system, your mileage may vary, and any support rendered is not included in your hosting plan.  If your mail client is not listed, you will be charged for support if you are unable to configure mail on your own:

Supported Mail Clients

(we guarantee your emails will work on these systems):
  • Mac Mail on Mac OS 10.10 or newer.
  • Angry Frog! Webmail on Internet Explorer 10 or newer, Firefox (all versions), Safari (all versions), Google Chrome (all versions)
  • Microsoft Outlook 2013 and newer on Windows 7 and newer.
  • Microsoft Outlook 2011 and newer on Macintosh.
  • Apple iOS mail on iPad and iPhone on iOS 10 and newer
  • Android mail on Android 5 and newer
  • Mozilla Thunderbird (all versions) on Macintosh, Windows 7 and newer, and Linux (most distros)
  • Google Gmail POP connector.
  • Microsoft POP connector.
  • Microsoft Office365 POP/IMAP connector.

If your mail client isn't listed at all above, chances are it might work, but you take all risk.

Note - you may find that some ISPs and Anti-virus programmes block port 25, in which case, you should use the port 2525 setting for your outbound (SMTP) server.

Incoming (IMAP) server details - recommended

IMAP mail is the best way to store your emails, because we keep a copy of your entire mail directory stored on the server, and you can sync it across all of your devices including you PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, and webmail.

hostname: - port 993

username: {your email address}

password: {your email password}


Incoming (POP) server details - we provide this only as some clients INSIST on using POP, we do not support it in any way as POP is an entirely outdated protocol completely inadequate for today's multi-device business environment which will result in almost certain loss of email history over time.

POP mail is a very risky way to use email, because your sent items are not stored on the server, nor are any of your folder archives.  If you are would like to discuss your requirements, please contact us.

hostname: - port 995

username: {your email address}

password: {your email password}


Outgoing (SMTP) server details - important to use if you want to be sure your email won't end up in people's spam inboxes!

Just because you CAN send via or similar ISP address, doesn't mean you should.  A common form of spam control (SPF) actually filters the majority of emails sent via ISP mail servers for you@yourdomain email accounts.

Please use these settings:

hostname: - port 25 or port 587 (or port 2525 if you experience difficulties)

username: {your email address} - NOTE some mail programmes say this is optional it is REQUIRED TO USE OUR SERVICE.

password: {your password} - NOTE some mail programmes say this is optional it is REQUIRED TO USE OUR SERVICE.


If you have any issues, please email 

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